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Livingston Tennessee

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311 Second St.
Livingston, TN 38570
Phone: 931-823-1483


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Our church is very lucky to have a lady in our church who is always in the back ground, and doesn't stand out  except when you go to need something or ask something about the church, then this lady stands out, she is  just one of the lady's of our church that make our church a very special place, a lady that works a job, and  then has a second job the work she does in the church, not a paying  job, but one that one day will earn her a place in heaven with Jesus, who is always there for the church, and goes above and beyond, and  I know that all in church will know her name, and that lady is Ms. Nancy Hughes, who has been a big help to me with our new web page, and I am very thankful  to get to know her more closely,  and I know that our church is made up of a lot of people just like Ms. Nancy